Made in USA FREE SHIPPING  These nets make it super easy to stash your glasses, keys, books, pjs, stuffed animals and anything else you would like to be within arms reach while in your bunk end bed. So convenient! Our nets come in 2 sizes to fit the different sizes of bunk ends. Regular size is 29" x 50", intended for back and side bunks in hybrid trailers. Large size is 29" x 68" intended for front bunks in hybrid trailers as well as most pop up bunks. We also have kits available for multiple bunks at a discount. The 2 bunk kit includes 1 Regular and 1 Large Bunk Loft. The 3 bunk kit includes 2 Regular and 1 Large Bunk Loft. The pop up kit includes 2 Large Bunk Lofts. Important: Most Hybrids allready have pad eyes to secure your mattress, you can use these to secure the Bunk Loft, however some configurations may need additional pad eyes to install them. We recommend using a 4 screw type. Clink on link to find them on Amazon, LINK

Bunk Loft

size and kits
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