Frequently asked questions

Do you make the products you sell?

Yes, mostly. We manufacture all 3d printed parts in Ohio with locally sourced materials. Para Cord is purchased from a US supplier and made in the US. The aluminium extension pole is sourced in China and made to our specifications. We print and attach the plastic end in Ohio. The tarp clips are sourced from China.

Are 3D printed parts strong enough everyday use?

Yes all our designs have been optimized for 3D printing. We have tested all our designs for strength and longevity.

Will your products degrade or fade in the sun?

We print all our products using UV resistant ASA (Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate) filament. ASA is made for the outdoors. It will resist fading, yellowing and degrading over time. Many exterior automotive parts are made using ASA. Our adhesive tapes are designed for use in industrial paint ovens and will hold up in the heat of the sun.

How are your product rated?

Our products are tested in an oven holding the rated weight for 21 days. This means if it has a 20 lb rating at 160 deg, the test piece held 20 lbs in a 160 deg oven for 21 days with no visible signs of change. Could it hold more for longer? Probably, but it has not been tested.

Do you have installation instructions online?

All our products are engineered to be as simple as possible to install and most are self-explanatory. However, we do have installation guides for some products that are included with the shipped materials and which can also be viewed here.

Can I see your products being used?

Of course! On this page, we have videos of PUG EARS speeding the setup and take down of a solar bunk end cover in seconds. On this page, we have videos of SUNFast Kitchen holders being using inside and outside of an RV.

Do you have a guarantee or warranty?

Yes, we stand behind our products 100% and hope you will enjoy them for a long time. However, in case you aren't fully satisfied, we offer three levels of protection.

  • 60 Day No Questions Asked Return Policy for all unused products
We will refund the full purchase price minus any shipping costs. You will be responsible for return shipping.
  • One Year Workmanship Guarantee
If your product does not perform as advertised or has a mechanical failure due to a manufacturing defect, we will replace it free of charge. You will be responsible to return the defective product and will need to pay the return shipping cost.
  • Two Year Adhesion Guarantee
We have tested our adhesive tape with many different materials under many different conditions and we are confident that it will perform in the vast majority of situations. In the unlikely event that the bond fails between our product and your trailer, we offer a one time replacement. In these unique and rare circumstances, we will work with you to determine the cause of the failure and work to ensure that it is not repeated. You will be responsible to return our product to us and make a good faith effort to help diagnose the problem. (To qualify for our Adhesion Guarantee you must follow the included instructions for installation. Adhesion Guarantee does NOT include products stuck to decals or overly tight installations.)